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Mitch Altman maltman23 at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 7 01:18:44 CEST 2012

I bought a 45-day Amtrak USA Rail Pass.   I will be starting by going from San Francisco to New York City on 27-June.  I have a few plans already, but if people/hackerspaces are interested, I'd love to do lots of workshops in cities with hackerspaces (or forming hackerspaces) in cities nearby Amtrak stations. Jimmie Rodgers will be joining me, and so will other cool people -- for either all or part of this Hackers on a Train Workshop Tour 2012.    Our workshops are for all ages, and all skill levels.       Would you be interested in having us do workshops at your space? Would you be interested in joining us for all or part of the HoaT Workshop Tour 2012? Lemme know! I have the following plans so far -- and there's room for plenty more!     July 1 -- arrive in NYC     July 7 -- workshop at The Hacktory, Philadelphia     July 13-15 -- HOPE #9, New York City     July 21-22 -- Awesome Foundation Summit, Boston     July 27-29 -- World Future Society conference, Toronto     August 8-12 -- ToorCamp, NW corner of Washington state We'll be bringing lots of our kits, all designed for total beginners, but fun and intriguing enough for everyone.  We can teach anyone and everyone how to solder -- soldering actually is easy!  And we can teach more advanced topics, too.  I can also give my "Arduino For Total Newbies" workshop.  And Jimmie can give his "Circuit Bending" workshop.  We can also give talks, if there's interest.  Anything that can help out your hackerspace!  
 Here's some of the kits that will be available: * TV-B-Gone
          -- (turn off any TV in public places!)* "Hi My Name
          Is" badge -- (you may have seen me wearing mine)
* Brain Machine --
        (Meditate, Hallucinate, and Trip Out!)
 * Mignonette Game --
        (build your own handheld game console!)
* Trippy RGB Waves
        -- (interac tive blinky lights!)
* LEDcube --
        (animated 3D cube of LEDs!)
* MiniPOV -- (more
        cool blinky lights!)
 * BoArduino --
        (solderless breadborad Arduino!)
 * Diavolino --
        (shield compatible Arduino from Evil Mad Science!)
* OpenHeart -- (animate fun patterns in the shape
        of a heart!)
* LoL Shield --
        (Lots of LEDs for your Arduino!)* Atari Punk Console -- (make noise!)
 * microcontroller programmer (USBtinyISP)
        -- (program all your AVR family chips!)
      And more!

   Workshops are great ways to get new people to your hackerspace, and to energize people already at the space.  You can also use them to raise funds, if you like. Me and Jimmie don't make money from our workshops.  The money we charge ($10 to $35, depending on the kit) pays for kit parts and travel.  We do this because we love teaching people how to make cool things!  And we love helping hackerspaces. Here are a few links to articles from our Midwest tour a couple summers ago:http://blog.makezine.com/2010/08/12/coming-to-you-town-the-midwest-work/ http://forum.archreactor.org/FUDforum2/index.php/m/5955/ http://pumpingstationone.org/2010/08/mitch-altman-jimmie-p-rodgers-to-join-circuit-hacking-wednesday/ http://www.lvl1.org/2010/08/17/fun-with-the-lolshield/  I'd love to add your hackerspace to our tour.  Please let me know if you're interested, and I'll reply with an email with a minimal list of what's required on your end. And please let me know if you'd like to join us on the HoaT Workshop Tour 2012. Cheers,Mitch.    		 	   		  
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