[hackerspaces] Sierra Zulu / KS

j. grenzfurthner/monochrom (das ende der nahrungskette) jg at monochrom.at
Fri Jul 6 10:37:26 CEST 2012

Hey folks!

Slightly off-topic, but not entirely, because some of the SFX for the 
film will be done by crews at Noisebridge, Metalab and other 
hackerspaces... and I will be doing a tour about the project in July 
in the US and will visit different hackerspaces (e.g. Kansas City, LA)

So, what am I talking about? It's our feature film project Sierra 
Zulu. A dark political sci-fi action comedy about the grotesque world 
we live in. Let's call it the bastard offspring of Catch-22 and 
Buckaroo Banzai.

Consider throwing in a dime:

All the best

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