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I don't put it on my paper resume, but my Linked In profile does list me as
a "Founder" of the Phoenix Asylum co-op. We don't really self describe as a
hackerspace (though we are very similar), so my description doesn't mention
the word "hackerspace". Here is what I wrote:

"Founding Member of the Phoenix Asylum, a not-for-profit artist cooperative
in Boulder, CO. Phoenix Asylum rents studio space to local artists, hosts
gallery openings, and serves as a hub for the local underground art

While I think you can debate endlessly about using the word Hackerspace or
not, personally I would not use that term, but describe it in more
"familiar" terminology. Once I engage someone in individual communication I
get a lot more open about terminology though, since I can detect and
head-off any misunderstandings that might arise.

One of the most important aspects of business involves finding
opportunities that are new and unique (like hackerspaces), building teams
(like hackerspaces do), raising money and budgeting operations (like in a
hackerspace) and being confident in your decisions even if they may seem
odd or unpopular to some (like running a hackerspace). I think the
managerial experience is great, and worth touting publicly - and my current
employers were excited to hear about my experiences and skills related to
the Asylum.

This is a new career world - people are often expected to have "non-career
careers" and many businesses have learned the adage, "If you want something
done - ask a busy person." People with many interests and non-work
activities tend to be the smartest and most driven people around (even if
you have to let them off early every so often because of a water leak at
their workshop).


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> Do you list your hackerspace(s) on your resume?  If so, in what way(s)?
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