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How does social swarm do more than what Diaspora is doing? Why not contribute there?

On Jan 21, 2012, at 8:18 PM, hellekin <hellekin at hackerspaces.org> wrote:

> Hello list,
> I'd like to introduce the social swarm. If you're interested in Hackupy,
> freedom towers, tor, GNUnet, RetroShare, and the kind of
> privacy-enhancing technologies, you're invited to lookup the social
> swarm and join the discussion.
> But the discussion is not only for hackers, as the aim is to bring
> alternate routes for our social networks to thrive, away from mass
> surveillance. That includes millions of people who are gladly trapped
> into the webs of privacy-denying authorities. Ignore alien orders! Let's
> swarm!
> Following the launch of the project at 28c3[1][2], the social swarm is
> looking for potential partners.[3] That can be you, your hackerspace,
> your organization, or someone you know. Please spread the word!
> Social Swarm is an open think tank initiated by the German privacy and
> digital rights NGO FoeBuD[4].
> Regards,
> ==
> hk
> [1] http://youtu.be/uLiAzg7bJ6g
> [2] http://events.ccc.de/congress/2011/wiki/Social_swarm
> [3] http://socialwarm.net/wiki/Partners
> [4] http://foebud.org/
> From the wiki at http://socialswarm.net/:
> ==== Status quo ====
> Current social web platforms display a strong tendency towards
> centralization. Behind each of these platforms is a single company
> acting as a central authority. As we use the platform, we feed the
> central authority with our data – and what the company then does with
> our information is beyond our control.
> ==== Our vision ====
> We want to put our social networks back in control of their own data.
> We want You to be able to choose which people see your data.
> We want to be independent from centralized infrastructures.
> ==== How to contribute ====
> We need you to help people get back in control: to discuss strategies,
> to build the networks, and to co-learn how to safe-guard our data and
> our social networks.
> There are many projects trying to solve these issues. We need to come up
> with sensible requirements in order to find a solution that we can
> advance together.
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