[hackerspaces] Looking for another hackerspace to share telepresence

Elmar mc.fly Lecher mc.fly at ramdrive.org
Thu Jan 19 17:52:18 CET 2012

Am 19.01.2012 17:44, schrieb Chris Weiss:
> On Thu, Jan 19, 2012 at 10:30 AM, Elmar mc.fly Lecher
> <mc.fly at ramdrive.org> wrote:
>> I would propose using chaosvpn for the link between the hackerspaces.
> telepresence is very latency sensitive, I'm not sure if a VPN would
> perform well enough for HD video.  VPNs tend to even mess up simple
> 64Kbps audio.

The reason why we use tinc is that we use it for VOIP. The ccc voip
system has been the main user for our network.

Low latency is also the reason why "full mesh" was one of the design

mc.fly ...

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