[hackerspaces] Looking for another hackerspace to share telepresence

Brian Klug brian.klug at hackerdojo.com
Thu Jan 19 05:10:20 CET 2012

I've got a project I'd love to collaborate on with someone at another

I think it would be neat to implement a 24/7 always-on high-bandwidth video
link between hackerspaces.

Imagine a nice flat panel mounted to the kitchen wall, next to the
watercooler, etc, where you can peer right in to another hackerspace, talk
with them.  You don't have to dial anyway, it is always connected (and
reconnects automatically on disconnect, etc).

Ideal scenario:

   - peering with a hackerspace not in California
   - dedicated hardware, preferably new (for reliability)
   - lots of bandwidth to spare (for HD video)
   - might be cool to link with a hackerspace located somewhere where
   English is not the native language -- for the fun it
   - ?

Looking through the archives, I know this has come up at least once before
(2009), but I don't see anything recent.  Apologies if I missed a thread!


Brian Klug
Hacker Dojo
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