[hackerspaces] German Technical Museum Post Congress Visit

Eric Michaud eric at hackerspaces.org
Mon Jan 2 04:16:59 CET 2012

Hey All,

For the last few years a number of folks from abroad have joined up
after congress to see a bit of the technical history in Germany. Well
I haven't heard anyone pipe up yet so I thought what the hell.

Where: Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin
When: January 3rd at Noon
Directions: You can take the U2 from Alexanderplatz to Gleisdreieck
station which is right next to the museum.
Cost: It's 6 Euros per person but if we have 10 or more it's 4 Euros.

Interesting exhibits include a reproduction of the Z1 by Konrad Zuse
which was the first freely programmable computer which used boolean
logic and binary floating point numbers.

Another neat exhibit is the Cessna flown by German Mathis Rust who in
May 28, 1987 with only 50 hours of flight time under his belt decided
to fly from Finland to Moscow and land near Red Square. Surprisingly
he didn't get shot down and in the process Mikhail Gorbachev used this
event as an excuse to fire several top Generals in the Soviet Air
Defense from their post.

If your still in town this is a great place to visit before you head
back home. :)



P.S. Bring a camera!
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