[hackerspaces] spread spectrum para-Internet?

B F bakmthiscl at gmail.com
Thu Feb 16 17:26:12 CET 2012

Interesting discussion so far.

But rather than focus on one form of communication, why not all?

Radio (in any imaginable frequency that's available and legally accessible).

Optical (which is really just another electromagnetic frequency)
especially invisible wavelengths such as IR.

Microwave (which is really just another electromagnetic frequency).

If possible, these could be highly directional for the longer
node-to-node connections.

Alternatively, employ a "cloud" of WiFi links, and cordless phone and
baby monitor frequencies.  Supplement with Ham frequencies and
citizens' band.

Could cell phone links be used?  I know a cell phone can be used as a
modem.  Can we somehow make direct cell-phone-to-cell-phone links
(especially where there's no service) and obviate the towers?  (Okay,
there's a power problem.  Maybe somebody has a fix for that.)

Use "Cable" connections, where available and feasible, including
existing power lines, phone lines, optical fiber, copper cables (like,
for TV), or even railroad tracks and wire fences. Can all those barbed
wire fences be used for connectivity?  Yes, they're grounded.  Can
that obstacle be overcome?  Or maybe there are enough electric fences
(ungrounded) to make use of.  Farfetched perhaps, but who knows?

Use of some of these may be illegal, and I wouldn't want to encourage
that, but in some cases it may be legal.

Any chance of using sound waves?  I'd guess that by the time you found
a frequency that wouldn't drive people and critters insane, there
wouldn't be enough bandwidth to make it work, but still, RR track
carries sound a LONG distance, and maybe such structures could be used
as conduits.

The ultimate thing might be to use privately owned satellites.  That
day may come pretty soon.  The phone companies already use them and
have for decades.   Radio-frequency links are still needed, however,
unless someone manages to make optical links feasible.

But the main thing is to take all available connectivity and use it
all at the same time.  Divide your "message" into packets and send out
the packets by whatever is available at the moment.  One travels by
satellite, one by sound conduction through a RR track (albeit, rather
slowly), one through barbed wire fence, one from baby monitor to baby
monitor (so to speak).  Fantasy and science fiction?  It is today.
How much of this is feasible?

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