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On 02/16/2012 05:46 AM, Walter van Holst wrote:

> One of the things that would be interesting to hack is finding out 
> whether it is possible to use current generation high-power LEDs
> for this purpose. That might solve the current range limitations of
> the Ronja concept.

High power LEDs?  Yes.  It's the modulation circuitry that's hard.  We
did some MacGyver experimentation at HacDC last year and concluded
that moderately to very complex solutions would be a far better
implementation than the easy way.  In other words, start by examining
Ronja and work from there.

> The fun part is: especially free space optics is never going to be 
> regulated at all.

Until it rains. :)

> A big enabler for this would be open source modular phased array 
> antennas for the 2 meter band. Anyone knows about a design in that
> area?

There probably are but I don't know of any.  An elmer I work with once
said that hams have been building [hased array antennae for years, so
I'd suggest checking out the ARRL antenna handbook as a starting point.

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