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Subject: [Ows_solutions] Code Across America Hackathons :: 16 cities (F24 through M4)

Hey, Please support these Civic Innovation Hackathon events in your local Occupation!

Code Across America
>From February 24 through March 4, passionate citizens around the country will come together to "Code Across America" – to make their cities even better. In over a dozen cities, there will be hackathons to build civic apps, "brigades" to deploy existing ones, unconferences to plan for the year ahead, and meetups to strengthen the community. Check out details of what's going on and where it's happening below.

Austin, TX
Hackathon (Register)
Baltimore, MD
Public Art Mapper
Chattanooga, TN
Routr, Open Trip Planner (Register)
Chicago, IL
Civic Idea Hack & Brigade-athon (Register)
Dallas, TX
Enlist (Register)
Detroit, MI
Honolulu, HI
Open211 (Register)
Lexington, KY
Public Art Mapper
Macon, GA
New Orleans, LA
data.nola.gov Hackathon
Norfolk, VA
Public Art Mapper, Adopta, HRT real time bus data (Register)
Philadelphia, PA
Public Art Mapper (Register)
Reno, NV
Open Data Catalog
San Diego, CA
Public Art Mapper (Register)
San Francisco, CA
Brigade hub (Register)
Santa Cruz, CA

Build Locally; Scale Nationally
We're focused on creating open source solutions, and will be implementing apps from other cities as well as creating new projects that can be used all over the country. See a list of some of our projects here. Anyone can pitch an idea or problem, and small groups form to brainstorm solutions and start writing code. We'll also have a comprehensive list of projects and resources that are good starting places.
What do you do at a civic hackathon, anyway?
In a civic hackathon, we collaboratively build software that matters to our city, and other cities too. People who know and love technology (software developers, designers, students, etc.) come together with people who know and love urban issues (city officials, local organizations, community members and leaders). Still not sure what to expect? Check out a fellow's experience. 
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