[hackerspaces] February Synchronous Hackathon and Cupcake Challenge

Robert Fitzsimons robfitz at 273k.net
Mon Feb 13 21:35:33 CET 2012

> "+1 for every day less then or equal to 7 days shipping and -1 for
> every day greater"
> This threatens to take us (Tokyo Hackerspace) out of the competition,

The criteria [1] on the wiki page is still up for full discussion.
Maybe offer bonus points for the first three cupcakes to be received or
a deduction for each week in the post.

> I think. Maybe there's another space in Asia we can send to...

We sent a cupcake from Ireland to Austrailia in about 3 or 4 days.

> Hard to believe it's been a year since the last challenge!

It's been 13 months.


1.  http://hackerspaces.org/wiki/Global_Hackerspace_Cupcake_Challenge_2012#Rules

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