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Thu Feb 9 04:59:36 CET 2012

If the main issue with bringing in minors is that of insurance, what would
go into making our own insurance co-op? Because being an insurance agent is
what I always wanted to be when I grew up...

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On Wed, Feb 8, 2012 at 18:02, Ron Bean <makerspace at rbean.users.panix.com>wrote:

> >It's always freaking the hell out of me to see how crazy the US is
> about
> >these things.
> We're not thrilled about it either-- most of us would have benefitted
> from access to a hackerspace at that age. But we have to live with it.
> >And I consider teaching to be one of the, if
> >not the most important goals of "hacking".
> I consider "learning by doing" to be different from "teaching". We're
> constantly teaching each other how to use the tools, and we give demos
> of various things, but we don't have any formal curriculum, which we'd
> need to have in order to be considered an educational group. In many
> cases we don't know what we're going to learn until after we've learned
> it.
> I wouldn't want to spend so much time on formal teaching that we don't
> have any time left for hacking.
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