[hackerspaces] Another registry?

Moritz Bartl moritz at hackerbus.eu
Thu Feb 9 01:21:47 CET 2012

>>> How many hackerspaces have kids (lets say < 18 for the sake of picking
>>> a semi-arbitrary number) as members?
>> In Germany, I'd say most of them do. And I would bet the percentage of
>> kids with parents being members goes towards zero.
> At least in America, the liability issues around having minors as
> unsupervised members is potentially high.

Looking back at myself between, say, 12 and 18, I probably was more
productive than any time later when it comes to things I would call hacking.

This may come as a surprise to Americans, but in Europe, at least in
Germany, minors could even set up a hackerspace all by themselves. I
would even say, especially in rural areas, forming associations to meet
and do stuff including minors (mostly drinking alcohol and play games,
watch movies) is considered tradition.

It's always freaking the hell out of me to see how crazy the US is about
these things. Without minors volunteering/participating, many things
would not even happen here. And I consider teaching to be one of the, if
not the most important goals of "hacking".


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