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This discussion has come up several times. The general end agreement
(each time I've seen it) is that more 'coworking', for-profit, or
for-commercial-use spaces should simply be noted as such, either by
their type-name, or in a note/comment.

If they are listing themselves as 'CoWorking' space, IMHO that is pretty
clear that they are in that part of the Venn Diagram of the Hacker/Maker

My $0.02, given prior discussion on the topic.

 hack on
- - Far McKon

On 12/31/12 1:26 PM, Mars Saxman wrote:
> > There's a "CoWorking Space" template in the wiki, linking to 4 pages.[1]
> > These spaces are commercial spaces, not community-run hackerspaces.
> > Should we tolerate them, or remove them?
> Here in Seattle one of our oldest, best-established hackerspaces is a
commercial, for-profit entity, and there's another one on the way, even
bigger and better equipped. We also have a group called the
Collaborative Space Alliance which is all about finding common ground
between coworking spaces and hackerspaces. Whether they are run as
community nonprofits or as for-profit ventures, they have some common
problems and work in similar ways.
> We could say that for-profit ventures are not true hackerspaces, and
that could be a reasonable definition.... but it would exclude Metrix,
Seattle's oldest, best-known, and probably most active hackerspace. We
could say that hackerspaces are about play and exploration, not about
doing one's daily income-producing work.... but that would cause a
problem for places like Jigsaw Renaissance or ALTSpace.
> Just one Seattle hacker's opinion, but I prefer tolerance.
> -Mars
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