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charlie wallace charlie at finitemonkeys.com
Thu Dec 6 18:46:49 CET 2012

We get asked constantly, it seems every film student or someone trying to
pitch a show in LA has the idea to film hackerspaces. They'll have you do a
bunch of setup work then change their mind at the last minute  and
sometimes won't even let you know. Usually we'll forward them to one of the
other spaces in LA.

Some people don't want to mix private and public life, there are still a
lot of people see the work as subversive and negative. Companies people
work for often get an idea of it and might cause problems contractually or
time wise. Especially in places where your contract isn't work for hire.
I don't want to have to limit what i work on because of that.

No final cut, some of the shows are just out to get the easiest fast buck
and people love drama.

There are other problems associated with putting your space on TV for a lot
of people to see, but they'd be similar to posting it to a public list ;)

I'm curious, why some would be against it?
> Phil
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