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live streaming now.


heres the map link.


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Possible live streaming broadcast of our launch.

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> Subject: Balloon Launch Update
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> Some Updates:
> See everyone 9:30AM at AR. Being on this list I assume you're going.  If
> not please let me know by email or phone 314-616-1054.
> Bring at least $10 in cash plus some lunch money.  Give the $10 to your
> driver to help cover some gas and buy lunch. We could easily use a tank of
> gas this weekend.
> Drivers right now are:  Chris, Daniel and Travis.  We need one more
> volunteer. Turns out my Explorer had to go to the shop this week.
> I'd like to share this document that I use for estimations.  By adjusting
> Launch Volume and payload weight you can determine burst height and time.
> It's already configured to  our 1200g balloon using Hydrogen.  Just will
> need to be tweaked for final payload mass.  More tables and info here:
> http://ukhas.org.uk/guides:balloon_data
> Here's my favorite path projector:
> http://habhub.org/predict/#!/uuid=ebb15d8b36adf79b1190eadc88b2f619230bd7a4
> We be launching from Latitude/Longitude: 38.5055, 270.3779
> Unfortunately,  It looks like the winds are really blowing this weekend.
> To help compensate we will fill the balloon with all the hydrogen we have
> left. ~230 cubic feet.   That could give us as much as 10 pounds of lift.
> By doing so, hopefully we won't have to drive to Indiana.
> Thanks,
> -derek
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