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Hmm really nice discussion and people knowing what they are talking about, which is not my case on this topic really :-) because I'm the guy who wants to use it ... 

When I have seen the Hamburg CCC being mentioned I wonder if some of you are thinking about presenting this topic at 29c3? Maybe even dedicating place there on the subject. I'm quite pretty sure that if you would come up with some smaller size low budget set up like for example the Raspberry PI being mentioned there would be people who would get it for their home hackerspaces, I think it would be really nice way how to spread this in practice. Maybe somebody already doing this, not sure? 

It would be really nice if there was some simple option that you could "take the streaming with you" for example to the soldering table and show to the greenhorns like me how do you connect "that thing" in real life and being able to directly listen and answer the questions of the person on the other side (or sides) without having to spend few hours setting up the streaming, getting microphones, cameras etc.


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Please add HeatSync Labs: Currently Skyped with Hacker Dojo to the doc (can't edit it)
Also Alpha's matrix uses Ustream and most spaces never go live from what I've seen. I made a matrix of always-on cams to supplement: http://live.heatsynclabs.org/matrix
Inter-space telepresence is my personal goal. Skype on Windows or Linux seems to work best. My next project is to build an intercom box so that you "push to talk" only since members' main objection concerns audio capture. Also if both spaces use it, then you never have to mute.
I'm all for assisting a SIP or similar project. HSL is currently on dn42 VPN, we could join other vpns too.
On Aug 29, 2012 2:33 PM, "Joshua Pritt" <ramgarden at gmail.com> wrote:

Take a look at the google document we are putting together to get our ideas on paper!
>On Wed, Aug 29, 2012 at 4:01 PM, Ryan Rix <ry at n.rix.si> wrote:
>We have had a skype stream going with Hackerdojo's water cooler for a few
>>months now and have heard no complaints. People just mute it when they don't
>>want to be heard, and turn it back on when they're done, as far as i can tell.
>>I for one welcome our telepresence overlords and hope that more spaces do it!
>>I would love to have a big SIP phonebook of hackerspaces to talk to.
>>On Wed 29 August 2012 07:10:04 Tim Saylor wrote:
>>> We have anti camera complainers in our space too.  Let them do the fun
>>> spoiling, no need to spoil it on their behalf.  A 24x7 video uplink would
>>> be awesome, and be very helpful in creating a feeling of connection between
>>> the spaces.
>>> On Aug 29, 2012 4:06 AM, "Nils Hitze" <nhitze at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> >  Concerning the streaming between hackerspaces, I would be careful there.
>>> >
>>> >> I'm supporter of interconnecting hackerspaces and movement as much as
>>> >> possible, having for  example some cool specifically looking "dedicated"
>>> >> machine at each hackerspace for communication of whatever type (audio,
>>> >> video), would be great (especially if we consider the upcoming satellite
>>> >> communication system which has to be coordinated somehow from various
>>> >> hackerspaces, right?). However I have seen some quite strong opposition
>>> >> of
>>> >> "cameras in the place" for example at Noisebridge. And in a way, I see
>>> >> the
>>> >> reason why to be careful there.
>>> >
>>> > So Morse Ticker would be ok, right?
>>> >
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