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Hi to all,

Sounds as a good idea to me. I wonder if there would be a tendency to couple "well established" hackerspaces with the "emerging ones" - like in countries where the hackermovement is kind of "officially" taking off - parts of South America, Afrika for example (I know that some of these places has a cool hackerspaces already but in general).

I wonder what the Noiseibridgers think about that? (if we do not have sister hackerspace already :-))


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Hello beautiful people!

Do you feel that interhackerspace dialog could be better? Tighter,
more networked? I do too! What if there was a sister hackerspace
exchange. The benefits of such a program would be:
1) People can develop stronger relationships with one other
hackerspace, compared to ALLL THE HACKERSPACES
2) Sister Membership could lead to more hackerspace visitation
3) The difficulties of generalizing and sharing strategy for structure
and process can be eased
4) Hackerspaces are personal spaces, data is great, but we connect in
our spaces better than online. This will help us love one another.
5) Projects can be collaborated on

Here I humbly propose the first sister spaces:
Beiruts hackerspace facilitated by Bassam (cced)
Ann Arbor's hackerspace facilitated by Josh Williams (cced)

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