[hackerspaces] [OHM2013] OHM2013 – July 31st – August 4th – Geestmerambacht, NL

Koen Martens gmc at metro.cx
Mon Aug 20 23:30:20 CEST 2012

Hi all,

Here's an announcement re the date and location of OHM2013, the Dutch hackercamp
next year. Just in case you have to plan your vacation already :)

[1]OHM2013 – July 31st – August 4th – Geestmerambacht, NL

   In case you missed the presentation this weekend, at the closing of the
   eth0:2012 summer event, the date and location for OHM2013 (the next
   edition in the series of four-yearly Dutch hacker camps) have been

   July 31st – August 4th 2013
   The Netherlands

   After considering other events, the weather statistics and consulting
   Eris, The Flying Spaghetti monster, Bob and the Master Control Program
   it has been observed that for OHM2013, July 31st – August 4th is most
   optimal. Also, on august 3th 2013 it will be 55 years ago that the
   first telegrams were sent over the transatlantic telegraph cable. Now,
   5 has 3 segments (2 lines and a curve). 5+5 = 10, add the 3 and you get
   13 which is the 13 in 2013. This can not be a coincidence and should be
   seen as indication that the date is optimal.

Calling on all hackerspaces

   With that out of the way, preparation of OHM2013 switches into third
   gear. Now might be a good moment to have a look at [3]the teams on the
   wiki, and see if you have some skills (or want to learn some skills)
   that fit well within one of the teams.

   [4]HAR2009 (the previous edition of this series of 4-yearly events)
   has without a doubt been the epicenter from which a tsunami of
   hackerspaces [5]spread out over The Netherlands. Within these
   hackerspaces, many interesting projects run and skills are developed.
   With specializations ranging from the mechanical to micro-electronics,
   from stage-lighting and audio to painting and what have you
   hackerspaces together can cover anything required to make OHM2013 even
   more enjoyable than HAR2009. Time to close the circle: hackerspaces of
   the nation, join your forces to create a place-time of wonder!


   Just to refresh and update, here is the global timeline for some of the
   more milestone-like moments envisioned in the year ahead:

     * October 2012 – Call for Participation announced;
     * December 2012 – ticket shop opens;
     * February 2013 – public field-day;
     * August 2013 – OHM.

   1. https://ohm2013.org/
   2. http://osm.org/go/0E59CW6Tm-
   3. https://ohm2013.org/wiki/Teams
   4. http://har2009.org/
   5. https://hackerspaces.nl/spaces/

https://ohm2013.org/            - outdoor hacker conference, August 2013, NL
http://www.sonologic.nl/        - hosting and DBA
http://koenmartens.nl/          - curriculum vitae
https://www.revspace.nl/        - hackerspace in Den Haag, NL
http://signal.hackerspaces.org/ - hackerspace radio

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