[hackerspaces] DARPA Selects Hackerspace Space Program for contract negotiation

Jerry Isdale isdale at gmail.com
Tue Apr 3 01:31:26 CEST 2012

My Fellow Hackers...

Today I got an email from DARPA stating that they have selected our "Hackerspace Space Program" for contract negotiation.
Those who want to flame about taking government money can do so.. We just wont pass any $ your way.

For those interested there is a mailing list at

Here's the basic introduction from the tech proposal...

1. Innovation
We propose a HSP organization based around the coordination of Hackerspaces (HS) worldwide. This organization will enable scalable grassroots community units collaborating with each other and with interested partners around the world to carry out activities dedicated to the enhancement of humanity’s survivability. This is accomplished through the Hackerspaces serving as local hubs for community education, innovation and self-sufficiency, whereas HSP will encourage, support and coordinate activities that could not be accomplished by any one or few Hackerspaces such as expanding humanity’s reach and presence beyond Earth orbit.

2. Results
We will create an important platform for local communities, young people and the general public to get engaged with space travel and exploration. We’re in a unique position to engage wide interest, support broad involvement and apply an extensive set of problem-solving skills and capabilities.

This platform will be one step in pushing mankind’s limits to help us survive and thrive in space, as well as improving our chances here on Earth by spurring the innovation needed to solve global challenges, resource constraints and the need to get along in an increasingly crowded environment.

and omfg - how do we pull this off?

Jerry Isdale
isdale at gmail.com

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