[hackerspaces] Pirating Linux

Yvan Janssens ik at yvanj.me
Tue Apr 3 00:30:12 CEST 2012


Today I discovered that the major ISP over here uses GPL'ed software in
their set top boxes, without even putting a GPL notice in the box (like
most TV manufacturers do nowadays). I phoned their customer service, and
they "don't know" that the device runs linux (it runs "proprietary polish
software"), and know nothing about GPL notices.

My questions are now:

   - Can GPL software be pirated?
   - If yes, is this a form of OSS "piracy"?
   - How do I get them to release the source code?

Where should I start to find a copy of the source code - the telco, or
further? The device uses a Broadcom SoC with 256MB RAM and 4MB boot ROM
(looks like any other set top box to me).


Yvan Janssens


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