[hackerspaces] Cleanliness in your Hackerspace?

Will Bradley will at heatsynclabs.org
Sat Sep 24 01:37:14 CEST 2011

We have banker boxes, lockers, and desks for rent but they're not sized well
for most projects (think, laying out a circuit) -- one member here suggested
project boards, I.e. trays that fit in a cabinet stacked 4-6" apart. That
way your project isn't jostled around all the time. Great idea that I'll
probably implement when/if necessary. Could use ikea foodservice trays and
racks, even. Or just make our own with wood.
On Sep 23, 2011 4:24 PM, "Elliot Lee" <elliot at greengar.com> wrote:
> I suggest putting up signs, using a labelmaker or similar. Just stick them
> near problem areas. A lot of people, myself included, will read and follow
> instructions that are clear, unambiguous, and ubiquitous.
> Signs and labels work on me a lot better than shouting, cussing or
> On Wed, Sep 21, 2011 at 5:06 PM, h0uz3 <h0uz3 at foto23.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> How good or bad does it work in your space to keep it clean and tidy?
>> Recently I have to yell at people regularly to make them put away their
>> empty bottles or spend half an our a day to collect these empty bottles
>> paper from snacks or whole pizza boxes (sometimes even with alive pizza
>> it). Is there a good solution for this?
>> People very often don't clean the kitchen after using it or just put
>> tables on the counter istead of checking if there's some space left in
>> dish washer and/or turning it on and/or taking the dishes out and putting
>> it where it belongs.
>> We clean the space every weekend completely, people clean up the kitchen,
>> get rid of old paper and pizza boxes and stuff, but during the week a lot
>> of people seem to just leave their wast right where they were and leave
>> a hurry". Sometimes the cleaning rage isn't over for 24 ours and the
>> kitchen looks even worse than before.
>> Somehow I feel like enough people don't care to mess up the whole place.
>> Best example: I wanted to use my computer and found it with a gooey
>> keyboard and mouse. Cleaned it thoroughly. Same thing happened the next
>> day, this time the mouse ball wasn't working anymore.
>> I guess shouting, cussing and cursing at people all the time makes the
>> space even less likable than it's already by being so filthy...
>> Any ideas?
>> </h0uz3>
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