[hackerspaces] Cleanliness in your Hackerspace? - metalab casestudy

overflo flo at tekstix.com
Wed Sep 21 20:17:46 CEST 2011

> How good or bad does it work in your space to keep it clean and tidy?

we have come a long way on this topic.
every day at 22:00 the lights in the meinroom start to pulsate red -> 
red alert

thats the signal for 10 minute cleanup.
the lights play a REALLY big role in that.
without a huge visual indicator, visible to everybody it was hard to get 
people started when we came up with that concept.

on a 10 minute cleanup EVERYBODY (including guests) should stop doing 
what they do and grab empty bottles, bring the trash out, wash some 
dishes, refill the refrigerator, empty the dishwasher, put some 
toiletpaper in place .. you know .. 10 minutes with 12 people = 2 hours 

really, it's that easy!

once a week we get professional cleaning help that we pay for with 
membership fees.
this is also a very big help that we had long discussions on.
but now we see taht it is necessary especially after big events like 
metaday or parties.


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