[hackerspaces] Cleanliness in your Hackerspace?

Jan Lieven jan at das-labor.org
Wed Sep 21 20:17:30 CEST 2011

On Wed, 21 Sep 2011 17:06:33 +0200
h0uz3 <h0uz3 at foto23.com> wrote:

> We clean the space every weekend completely, people clean up the
> kitchen, get rid of old paper and pizza boxes and stuff, but during
> the week a lot of people seem to just leave their wast right where
> they were and leave "in a hurry". Sometimes the cleaning rage isn't
> over for 24 ours and the kitchen looks even worse than before.
> Somehow I feel like enough people don't care to mess up the whole
> place.
> Best example: I wanted to use my computer and found it with a gooey
> keyboard and mouse. Cleaned it thoroughly. Same thing happened the
> next day, this time the mouse ball wasn't working anymore.
> I guess shouting, cussing and cursing at people all the time makes the
> space even less likable than it's already by being so filthy...
Our space has exactly the same problem.
Well... The hardware isn't gooey or similar, but the kitchen might have
been one of our worst ideas.
First it was nice to have one and everybody took care of it, but after
a few weeks there were only 4-5 people left who showed interest in a
clean kitchen.
Of course the kitchen isn't the only not so clean place.
Worst might be the smoking room... Even the carpet is a bit sticky
The only thing where cleaning works is the toilet.
I guess even the most messy geek/nerd has at least a bit of sense for
hygiene left...
(We had to introduce a "last cleaned on" list, though.)
Every now and then someone gets a cleaning rage, yells at everyone and
throws away everything that's not at it's designated place.
Contrary there are weeks or even months where the space is almost as
clean as a clinical environment.
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