[hackerspaces] A call to all hackerspaces

Todd todd at cruxtech.net
Tue Oct 18 15:57:26 CEST 2011

Hello everybody, I come to you with a challenge!
I helping the occupy Chicago movement get organized. A constant request 
that I get is for web based voting.
The requirements are that is be  difficult if not impossible to game the 
system. The way I think this can be implemented is by requiring everyone 
who wants to vote, has to show up once to register to vote. During this 
process we would give them some type of PIN or unique ID that would be 
different then their login and password, which they must enter in order 
to vote. And to make sure a single person does not sign up multiple 
times we would take each persons picture as part of the registration 
process, but it would be a side profile picture so people do not need to 
worry about us putting it in some govt database. If all the pictures are 
a side profile with the same backround, we should be able to do basic 
enough facial recognition to make sure the same person isn't in there 
twice, but not enough that it could be used for anything else.
I am unfortunately not a programmer. I am not looking for someone to 
write facial recognition software. Only the voting part. If it can be 
done securely I would like to integrate this system into a drupal site. 
But even if it is all done in perl, that is fine. This email is mostly 
to get preliminary information from those more experienced then I in 
programming to see what the possibilities are and get an idea of how I 
should approach this.
Direct Democracy is a pretty big challenge, think you are up to it ?
Eventually if this works I would like to spread it to the occupy 
movements around the globe. Currently there are 870 cities participating.

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