[hackerspaces] Unified Open Source / Open Development dashboard for projects

Chris Weiss cweiss at gmail.com
Mon Oct 10 18:25:48 CEST 2011

On Mon, Oct 10, 2011 at 10:04 AM, Jarkko Moilanen
<Jarkko.Moilanen at uta.fi> wrote:
> We (just a few devs and bunch of academics) have been cooking an idea of
> unified open source / open development dashboard.
> Here's some more information about the idea:
> http://blog.ossoil.com/2011/10/10/unified-universal-open-source-dashboard/

After skimming the blog post, I'm thinking "you just described 98% of
what SourceForge is", so how's this different than SourceForge, GNU
Savanna, and Google Code?

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