[hackerspaces] RANT!: SO VERY frustrated with lack of local activity :( Warning: some negative energy present - sorry

Dan Wobser ixrwebmaster at gmail.com
Tue Nov 29 19:18:13 CET 2011

I've been faced with a similar decision before (in a different context):
Build a new group or rebuild the existing group?

Consider the work that you would need to do to build a new group, i.e.
recruit new members, get resources together, etc.  Now, what if you did
this work, but have it take place at your existing hackerspace?
 Essentially, reboot your current hackerspace.  Hold a Grand Reopening of
the newly revitalized space, to signify that it is a brand new day, and a
brand new group.  Invite old members to come back, but don't rely on it.
 If there is fresh, new, interesting activity going on at the space, the
buzz will generate interest, and people may start coming back on their own.
 (Keep in mind that the Winter months may be a slow time for activity, if
it were up to me I'd take this time to build up interest, network/make
contacts, and do some of the background work, and shoot for a reopening in
the spring...)

The important thing is to have interesting projects happening and/or
interesting workshops, people will show up for just because they won't want
to miss it!

If you're passionate, you can do it, whether it means starting over
somewhere else or calling a "Do-Over!" at your current space.  Passion is

-Dan Wobser
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