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Oren Beck orenbeck at gmail.com
Sun Nov 27 21:03:55 CET 2011

Folks- True Names have the power we grant or deny them as a society. That
said- there's exceptions and qualifiers to every so-called rule in this
life. It's often about picking and choosing our battles. Or should it be
said as - having our battles chosen FOR us instead of BY us?

Make no little  plans- was a phrasing attributed to one of Chicago's


we should take that at face value. Balanced against the wisdom of not
having our grasp exceed our present reach. So we have to expand our reach!

That's to me done by the culturally loaded term "Evangelism" as in the
literal appearance of the term upon contact info for Palm Pilot staffers
and PUG members! The folks who were early  adopters that went beyond mere
appliance operator status are our future cadre. Reaching out to embrace
every Foo_UG and Bar_Monger group we know folks in is essential to
Hackerdom becoming all I see it being capable of.

As for "who am I to speak  in such  grandiose sweep?"

I'm just one of the rank&file who saw some things few are saying/doing.
Walk the walk so to speak is also done by stuff like my "HACKER" key
ribbon. and my bloglinks to CCCKC.

No- not all of us have the ability to be the creators of Awesome Goodness
in the ways folks like Mitch or Bre etc-  and all you less trumpeted ones

We ALL can be Evangelistic in reclaiming the term HACKER and doing so
proudly- Leading By Example.

Remember- the world judges Hackerdom by our applied ethics.

Oren Beck
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