[hackerspaces] RANT!: SO VERY frustrated with lack of local activity :( Warning: some negative energy present - sorry

Ron Bean makerspace at rbean.users.panix.com
Sat Nov 26 15:08:36 CET 2011

Jerry Isdale <isdale at gmail.com> writes:

>One issue has been lack of good location (with power, etc).
>We have a (temporary) space with some sketchy solutions for power at present
>and lots of great ideas for projects and developing the space.
>But the ratio of talk:action is something that bothers me...

A temporary space can be a start. We actually entered 4 cars in the
PowerWheels race before we had a space! They were built in a member's
garage, which was well-equipped with tools (he also had a large
electronics lab at home, which we later transplanted to the space). We
also built two parade floats there, which we used for publicity.         

We were fortunate in that some of our early members were active Makers
already. Sometimes you just need to find the right "core". But once we
had a space, things really took off. We also have one member who really
likes organizing things, and his efforts are highly visible.

Building stuff from wood and metal can be inspiring-- even if the Maker
isn't there, there's this big object that wasn't there before, and
people can see that things are happening. Electronics and programming 
are a lot less visible.

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