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F.lux sounds really interesting. Up to now for last few years I was using classical black background and green text (set up in Linux preferences + Libre Office etc.) and blackle.com as search engine. My contrast would be around 20% and brightness below 40%. As I've said I use it for years and it makes a huge difference at least from the point of view of eye strain.

There is one more thing which was not mentioned yet I think and I believe it is actually very, very important. Fallowing moon cycle, lunar calender. When I was fishing on a boat in Alaska I've seen the huge effect of moon on the water mass in the ocean and since than I'm kind of "aware" of it. However I've not switched for that one yet fully, I hope to do it soon. Does someone use it? For a while? I know it may sounds kind very "new age" etc. but after all I believe that we are just entering a new era, you can kind of notice around I would say :-)) 



PS Just the other day I was thinking about "dimensions/other realities" and I was just kind of grinning how full of energy our "new baby World Wide Web" is ...

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Great idea, there's also a Dimmer (Night Mode) app for Android. Manual, but effective.
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yeah f.lux is pretty awesome, I found it helps more with eyestrain than anything else.
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>f.lux or redshift. I have started using f.lux and its made it a whole
>lot better.
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