[hackerspaces] RANT!: SO VERY frustrated with lack of local activity :( Warning: some negative energy present - sorry

Jerry Isdale isdale at gmail.com
Sat Nov 26 08:49:34 CET 2011

A number of comments from "frustratedfosho" hit home for me.
I've visited several other spaces around the US and been impressed at the activity
and seen some that were struggling.  Crashspace, Noisebridge and NYCResistor are great examples of active spaces

At MauiMakers, we have struggled with getting a good space running for the last year+
There are lots of people who come and talk at one of our public meetings
But there are not a lot of people who come back regularly
Lots of talk, but not a lot of doing perhaps?
One issue has been lack of good location (with power, etc). 
We have a (temporary) space with some sketchy solutions for power at present
and lots of great ideas for projects and developing the space.
But the ratio of talk:action is something that bothers me
and sometimes it feels like I'm the only one doing anything
(indeed there have been a few meetings where I've been the only one there ... and got things done)
I'm also one who is prone to doing more talking than doing.
So taking a clue from Noisebridge, I posted a quote from Mike Rowe as our (internal) motto:
"Shut up and Make Something!"

I shut up now.

Jerry Isdale

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