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yup... but anxiety is so bad that gets chest/heart problems.  10 years ago
I had to pick her up from hospital after a collapsed lung supposedly in
part from severe and long term anxiety. :(  brings tears mentioning it.
Makes me sad.

AH! one other biggie for me to mention... then I'll stop...
I really hope people realize the difference between depression and sadness.
Depression is a "slowed" *system* (kind of)
Sadness is a qualitative measure of what we call emotion.

If someone is clinically depressed - please please please don't try to help
them by cheering up what you think is sadness.
Depression can make everything good or bad into a "sad" thing.
Depression is a condition or state of the neuro system.  it's the see-saw
bottomed out on one side with noone on the other to saw your see.

My advice is to listen listen listen - but in an environment where the
depression doesn't live. (try to get them out of the house to talk about it)
But listen not too much as to not encourage brooding.
Relate relate relate if you can - or ask questions to relate interest.
Don't tell stories of depression that end up in who's been saddest before
(surprisingly easy to fall into)

and for myself... when the world is just over and folding my hand at the
table - I just don't trust or believe anything I feel.
Saved myself a couple of times through some insane parts of life that way.
Had a notebook that I titled "NEVER GIVE UP" onto the cover and wrote in my
thinking as best I could so that I could see it in a different context than
just free floainting in my brilliant genius mind ... I guess it was just
journaling as they call it.

I've once been in an honestly dangerous situation of suicidal thoughts and
i was scared - I was booted from my mothers house while visiting on easter
for something trivial like forgetting to pick up rainchecks for a sale for
canned veggies at a drug store (i kid you not) and had to leave under
threat of involving police... be kind there - she's an amazing woman but
has some probs - I had to walk the out their neighbor hood and ended up
starting to smoke agian after 3 months quit.  walked 3 miles down swamp
sided old highway outside of New Orleans and devised a plan.

Plan was this... I'm going to walk to the phsych hospital 5 miles away and
if I still am capable of ceasing life - I'm gonna check in... because I
dont trust those thoughts.  If when walking past there I'm honestly out of
that consuming thought (suicide is a very consuming and relapsing thought
pattern) and focused on going somewhere to do something - well i just pass
it on.  Ended up eating all you can eat steak at a truckstop (eek!) with my
brother and his crew of crazies after setting up cars for stunts in
hollywood films. (he has his dream job!)

I've been depressed sooo manh times myself... I am truely and expert - but
onlly of my own psyche and disposition.
We are however all human and hold common always true humman needs...

prolly said enuff... sorry
gnight all and if anyone relates and needs an ear and voice feel free to
message me.

  I haven't been there... but I've faced the same general direction.

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