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one more btw... sleep and wake cycles and diet are not an end all "cure" or
my housemate is up at 5:30am everyday and asleep by 9 pm - and eats a very
well planned diet - and she suffers still terribly from anxiety and
just a note - but alot of our "kind" (if you will) burn that midnight oil
hacking away and such and could really benefit mood wise from some simple
biological know how.

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> Im glad to see the mention of sleep and sunlight.
> Remember that we are critters that have evolved for whatever reason to be
> awake during light hours and sleep during night.
> Our melatonin/serotonin cycle depends directly on our light sensors for
> the triggering mechanisms of when to start production of what.
> Our light sensors being our retinas and our skin (for uv light) btw.
> How many people here understand/know the absurdly important importance of
> the serotonin/melatonin cycle stability?
> We were naturally timed by the sunrise and sunset before the edison/tesla
> wars.  (light bulb)
> Seriously... if you are having some serotonin issues... force yourself to
> sit outside with as much skin exposed and no sunglasses early and often.
> Go back to bed if you want but you won't reREM unless your cycle is really
> messed up.
> If you are vegan/veggie... eat soy so that you can get in some tryptophan
> in case you are missing it in your diet.
> Tryptophans are what serotonins are made from.  Not to mention - serotonin
> is mostly in your belly and volume wise used more in digestion... so it can
> assist alot of GI issues also to eat good trypto rich food.
> I'm no expert at all but please read up on serotonin/melotonin cycles...
> it should be required in all high schools.
> On Fri, Nov 25, 2011 at 6:55 PM, Mitch Altman <maltman23 at hotmail.com>wrote:
>>  That comic/blog is amazing!!  Thanks for posting it.
>> And thanks, Sean for that great story of yours (I didn't know you were
>> such a good writer -- please do that more.)
>> Mitch.
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>> > SSRI medication can help with that in part (always in combination with
>> the
>> > above as far as i'm concerned), even though many in the community are
>> very
>> > eager to bash anti-depressants. It can be a life saver!
>> Everyone is unique, and so everyone will have various results with
>> various methods of dealing with depression.  If you're suffering from
>> depression, and have time to explore, then it's way worth exploring all the
>> methods that may work for you -- see what works, and do more of it.  If you
>> are feeling suicidal, or feel that you do not have time to explore on your
>> own, please know that you can seek help, either from friends or people in
>> the geek community (if you can force yourself to do so, people *will*
>> help), or from a professional (most places offer free services, including
>> calling 911 in the US)
>> I'm kind of amazed I didn't post this link sooner:
>> http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com/2011/10/adventures-in-depression.html
>> Will.
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