[hackerspaces] RANT!: SO VERY frustrated with lack of local activity :( Warning: some negative energy present - sorry

Will Bradley will at heatsynclabs.org
Sat Nov 26 06:24:03 CET 2011

I'd say, unless there's a specific worthwhile reason to create a new space,
stick it out; rent and paperwork aren't small issues. It's easy to talk
about creating a new space, extremely hard (as you've seen) to actually
create a successful one. Who are the leaders? Use your enthusiasm to make
your current space the one you want to see.

I would (and do) tell young squires that I'm going to the space every
(date/time) and working on (things) and they should join me. I never
guarantee anything beyond what I can personally commit to. People are in
the space nearly 24/7, but I don't set their expectations higher than
what's realistic.
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