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That comic/blog is amazing!!  Thanks for posting it.   And thanks, Sean for that great story of yours (I didn't know you were such a good writer -- please do that more.) Mitch.
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> SSRI medication can help with that in part (always in combination with the

> above as far as i'm concerned), even though many in the community are very
> eager to bash anti-depressants. It can be a life saver!
Everyone is unique, and so everyone will have various results with various methods of dealing with depression.  If you're suffering from depression, and have time to explore, then it's way worth exploring all the methods that may work for you -- see what works, and do more of it.  If you are feeling suicidal, or feel that you do not have time to explore on your own, please know that you can seek help, either from friends or people in the geek community (if you can force yourself to do so, people *will* help), or from a professional (most places offer free services, including calling 911 in the US)

I'm kind of amazed I didn't post this link sooner:

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