[hackerspaces] Presentation/Workshop Configuration(s)

Greg McGuire greg at nesit.org
Mon Nov 21 13:09:26 CET 2011

I'm curious, what does everyone do for presentation/workshop configurations. I've been toying with the idea of getting an overhead camera of some kind for the hackerspace I'm a member of but after doing a quick google search, albeit at the airport, I haven't found anything I like.

So basically, how is your space set up for presentations? Is there a dedicated presentation computer? Is there a way a speaker cab plug their machine into the projector easily? Do you have an overhead camera? Would you reccommend that make/model? How is it connected to the projector? Via a computer, second projector input, or do you have a switcher of some sort? Is there a camera shot to show the person giving the talk?

Sorry if this email is a little confusing, I just took a red eye back from LAX and still have some more flying to do. But I wanted to ask before I forgot.

Thank you all in advance!

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