[hackerspaces] Join the "American Censorship" awareness effort

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Wed Nov 16 09:45:25 CET 2011


It turns out there is a nasty bill floating through US Congress right now
(called Stop Online Piracy Act, or SOPA), and privacy groups like the EFF
are rightfully concerned about it. Among other things, this bill would
expand government abilities to takedown websites to the DNS level, allowing
the US to effectively blacklist entire websites. This is not cool.

The EFF and several other groups (reddit, mozilla, and others) have decided
to bring attention to this by "censoring" their logos. If you're involved
in a hackerspace or similar organization in the US, and you want to help
support a good cause and bring awareness to people about bad legislation,
consider changing your website logo for all of November 16. You can find
more information about this effort at http://americancensorship.org/.

Also, check out these links for more information on SOPA and why it is bad
and scary:

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