[hackerspaces] Webcam setups, for security and community?

Peter Smith peters242 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 4 19:37:27 CET 2011

Motion, as was mentioned before, can handle NTSC cams, IP cameras, and
USB cameras very easily.  It doesn't have lots of bells-n-whistles or
an overly "finished" look, but it can get the job done with very
little horsepower.  Set up an Apache server at the spot where it dumps
its pictures and/or videos for really easy access.  On the intertoobs
there's PHP scripts and what-not to make it a bit more fancy.
Regardless, it works well.  You can assign arbitrary TCP ports to cams
for a pseudo-webserver-like camera image access too.  The NTSC capture
cards are usually pretty well supported under Linux and are *very*
inexpensive, so that's a pretty decent way to go as well.


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