[hackerspaces] Webcam setups, for security and community?

Will Bradley will at heatsynclabs.org
Thu Nov 3 19:31:26 CET 2011

Sorry, I re-read his email and noticed its not actually a museum. My
bad! Props on having an Air and Space hackerspace!
Heres my amends, the script source for extracting snapshots from an IP
cam that requires a password. A hootoo brand webcam (or anything that
looks similar to it, they're all from Tenvis) is what this code is
based on. For other brands you might need to find the equivalent of
their snapshot.cgi -- Camera9 is also beta code for dealing with
motion jpeg.

See the frontend HTML at live.heatsynclabs.org

On Nov 3, 2011, at 10:57 AM, "Christopher J. Pilkington" <cjp at 0x1.net> wrote:

> On Thu, Nov 3, 2011 at 1:40 PM, Will Bradley <will at heatsynclabs.org> wrote:
>> As you know, hackerspaces are more about tinkering and doing things
>> yourself versus simply purchasing a plug-n-play solution; this might
>> not be what your museum wants and so the hackerspaces mailing list
>> likely isn't the right place for you. Especially because this list is
>> more for discussing national hackerspace things, not necessarily our
>> personal projects. At the very least, find your local hackerspace on
>> hackerspaces.org and talk with them; but I suspect you should start by
>> contacting a local security camera installer unless you really want to
>> get your hands dirty.
> Being that Mars is from the local hackerspace, I don't see what sense
> this makes.  Museum?  Huh?
> Being a general Hackerspace discussion list, asking for help with a
> hackerspace project sounds about as on-topic as they come.
> I'm interested in this thread, please don't attempt to exclude it.
> -cjp
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