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Elmo elmo.mantynen at iki.fi
Sun May 29 18:35:54 CEST 2011

On 05/29/2011 04:57 PM, Yves Quemener wrote:
> I have a similar experience : I generated 50 bitcoins a month ago or two
> and none since. But that is not a problem, mining is just a way to
> bootstrap the system now we need to use it as a transaction tool if we want
> it to have any use.
>> What still puzzles me, wtf can i do with bitcoins??
> You can pay me to develop software. (I'm a freelance developer) I'll
> exchange a part of these bitcoins for cash (unless I find a way to buy
> local food with BTC) and I'll use another part for similar dematerialized
> work. I have occasional needs for 3D or 2D models from CG artists, if I
> find one that accept BTCs, I'll be happy to bypass the transaction fees of
> banking systems.

I've bee planning on selling 3D printing and CAD services for bitcoins. 
Any kind of non resource intensive enterprise has low risk for many of us.

> I really see BTC as a banking framework for the people who work in the
> "cyberspace". It may be a cheesy term but it really describes a virtual
> space where hundreds of millions of people interact without concern for
> physical borders. But only non-financial interactions have been authorized
> so far : discussion, OSS development, chit-chat. "Serious" things like
> contract making or monetary transactions still rely on national legal
> frameworks.

> Mining is now the hardest way to earn bitcoins.

It's roughly 1btc/day with a 100€ GPU, but yes, make up a business plan 
and just use bitcoin as the currency instead of paying PayPal :) And 
maybe list your firm on GLBSE and sell stocks with a promise of revenue.


  The quick fortunes were
> already made. Now is the true test for bitcoin : will people start to
> exchange them and trade goods and service for these ? I'll surely try, so
> if you know someone who needs a computer vision and augmented reality
> specialist or a CG artist that accept BTC payments, don't hesitate to
> contact me :-)

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