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Agent 5 ag3nt5 at dc401.org
Thu May 26 21:52:21 CEST 2011

I'm cureious to know what everyone else does to increase awareness. Reason
being, I'm beginning to find opportunities in my area to inform the public
of whatever subject I like (some mass media, some performance).
To this point, I've been creating a performance version of The Hacker
Manifesto and should be showing in a couple weeks. Lloyd Blankenship has
allowed me free reign in the past with his piece and I'm hoping he likes
this use of his work.
I'm a hacker that has also made a mild living as a stand-up comic and
musical entertainer on the side, and thats the best way I can think of to
increase public awareness using the skills I have available. "Go with what
you know" as they say.

-David Johnson    -Agent5-

On Thu, May 26, 2011 at 1:54 PM, Walter van Holst <walter at revspace.nl>wrote:

> On Thu, 26 May 2011 12:01:23 -0400, Agent 5 wrote:
>> I find there tend to be a few Computer Hackers sprinkled among the
>> generally accepted type of Hackerspace. SO my question to you is...
>> Are you are Hacktivist?
> Although I am a member of RevSpace, I do not consider myself a hacker, but
> more of a maker (yes, I know the categories overlap, but that war is lost,
> get over it). I am a bit of an activist though.
>  If so, what do you and your Hackerspace do in your community to raise
>> awareness in changes of online rights and technology and such?
> I do a monthly hour on Signal (http://signal.hackerspaces.org), trying to
> cover precisely that. If you haven't heard it yet: we (gmc does the
> technical side, I do the content) try to get an interesting panel of people
> from all over Europe (well, the USA would be welcome too, but being in
> Europe makes us focus a bit more on the EU obviously) to discuss
> developments in this field. Basically, most media start to cover
> policymaking in Brussels by the time it is finished, more awareness of what
> happens there is sorely needed.
> Regards,
>  Walter
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