[hackerspaces] CC-licensed Maker Pedagogy (Lesson Plans, etc)?

Jerry Isdale isdale at gmail.com
Sun May 22 16:44:52 CEST 2011

I am specifically thinking about hackerspaces.  Many spaces have classes - arduino, soldering, etc. Some of that is basic and introductory (how to make led's blink using arduino). Some get more elaborate. Most skim the surface of a 'how to use xx tech'. 

I am looking at of how we can use the makerspace resources (electronics, fabrication, software, etc) for "project based learning" that teaches not only the basics of xxx, but all electronics (incl theory).  Or cnc design + physics, or chemistry/bio genetics, etc.

School systems, especially here in USA, are stuck in 19th century factory model churning out assembly line workers or college applicants. The No-Child-Left-Behind crud imposed standardized testing as The Metric for school success - avg grades go up, school succeeds... note that is *school succeeds* not *kid* succeeds.   Schools now teach kids to pass standarized tests.  They dont teach how to learn, build etc.

Beyond High School it can be worse - Colleges are taught by Professors who/s goal in life is to get tenure so they cant be fired and then cruise. At "better" schools, the Profs dont even teach undergrads, they have grad student (slave labor) to do that.  They work on research projects (funded by companies, govt, etc) and their success is generating more research projects and published papers.  Lots of kids graduate college knowing not much more than they did going in... maybe how to play beer pong, but not how to make stuff or why stuff works.
Hackerspaces are places of learning, making, doing.  Many of even the basic classes that are taught are re-invented elsewhere (how many people have put together their own 'how to program arduino' class?).  I would like to see, as a start,  sharing of class materials for these basic classes. Beyond that the teacher manuals developed for these (things to expect in class, questions to ask to get students thinking beyond the lessons) and then expanding the basics to the whole science behind.... Intro to Electronics.  And also using hacker stuff as support for projects.... using hands on projects to teach algebra, etc.  Or full classes in 3D design and fabrication (using FOSS and/or commercial tools ).   

I understand SparkFun has a growing educator support base with teacher materials for the asking.

TraingingForChange activist training is interesting and would give direction. Classes in activist support technology? Teaching people to be independent developers/producers instead of mindless consumers of mass produced crap.  Distributed and 'sustainable' tech so you can grow/cook/build your own.

Jerry Isdale

On May 22, 2011, at 12:20 AM, Kris Gesling wrote:

> There is the OpenCourseWare and Wikiversity but that's mainly lectures and sample exams for the few that I've seen. Other than that I know of a lot of general pedagogical resources are available through activist education groups like thechangeagency.org in Australia or trainingforchange.org in Philadelphia.
> Not exactly what you're after but maybe useful if people are looking for idea's to develop hackerspace specific resources.
> gez
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