[hackerspaces] pay-what-you-can

overflo flo at tekstix.com
Tue May 17 23:23:49 CEST 2011

at metalab each memeber pays 20,- euro / month
after some time you get a key/ibutton and gain 24/7 access.
officially thats the deal.

but inofficially its more like this:
  - come by and do cool things

  - after some time you might be asked if you are already  paying member

  - if you cant afford the money but you are cool, please stay and be 
amazing, maybe you will fill the refrigerator from time to time. but its 
a pleasure to have you around.. so dont worry.

  - if you are not a paying member but spend your time at the lab 
smoking and drinking beer mostly, you will be asked to pay your 
membership fees

  - if you dont want to pay them or cant afford it you might be asked to 
find yourself another place to hang out (like a bar or something)

and to us it is WAY MORE important to have motivated people doing 
amazing things then guys who can afford the monthly 20,- but dont 
contribute good vibes to the lab.

the key here is social competence.
technology can never fix your social issues.
talk to each other and there will be a solution to any and all problems.


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