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Matt, what was your experience from this system.  Do the members that pay $20 a month actually put in their work hours?  Is it enforced, or does it work on the honor system?  Have you had to tell anyone yet to put in their hours or change over to the $60 donation?

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At Buffalo Lab we have a very low minimum payment ($20 /month)
supplemented by required work hours. Work hours being things to
improve the space: running a SIG group, working on a community
project, cleaning, building, etc. We also have a $60/month membership
that is not required to do the extra work hours. We encourage everyone
to pay as much as they can in excess of the $20 and about half of the
members pay more, in the range of $25 - $50/month. Between that and
donations solicited from SIG attendees we make our expenses.
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