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Not in quite a few years.  Back then it was HMDs and the target was virtual reality rather than augmented reality.
Back then (early 90s) lots of people were strapping LCDs onto helmets with big ass lenses, etc.  Rarely would the contraption really be usable.  Displays have miniaturized quite a bit, along with massive increases in graphics processing. Some people have tried old style HMDs using some modern tools ... http://www.engadgeted.net/2009/12/02/diy-hud/
Still rather unwieldily imho.

The smaller in-corner style HUD as in your example have been around for a good while, but havent made much headway.  Perhaps the weight balancing issue is still a limiting factor.  Some of these use a scanning system to paint the image similar to how old CRTs did it. As I recall a vertical array of leds was used with a rapid scanning mirror.  Another tech that seems to have disappeared was the Virtual Retinal Display (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_retinal_display) that used scanning lasers to draw the image.

I havent seen anyone trying to make one of these small displays as a DIY project.

Jerry Isdale

On May 15, 2011, at 1:42 AM, Nils Hitze wrote:

> Hi there,
> just wanted to ask if anyone of you ever tried to build a DIY HUD for
> Glasses, not for the Car?
> Like these industrial ones for Athletes:
> http://spacecowb0y.livejournal.com/275376.html
> Nils
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