[hackerspaces] Remember Trumpet Winsock?

John Duksta john at duksta.org
Thu Mar 10 07:31:31 CET 2011

On 3/3/11 9:02 AM, Deech wrote:
> If you're like me, you may recall Trumpet Winsock, that nifty little bit
> of software that provided an interface from windows to the TCP/IP
> protocol stack that people all over the world used to connect to the
> internet for the first time.
> So, it turns out, the guy who made this didn't make crap off his work.
> Trumpet Winsock was stolen and actively given away on install disks from
> all the major tech magazines and in corporate installs. He was just a
> small time guy and his company had no way to fight the rampant theft.

Funny that this should come up. I was rifling through a bunch of old 
file last weekend as I was abusing/filling the shred bin at work (with 
10 year old personal papers) when I came across a printed copy of my 
Trumpet Winsock license.

I ended up shredding it, but did pause for a moment to consider keeping 
that little piece of history.


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