[hackerspaces] Remember Trumpet Winsock?

Deech deech at ninjacow.net
Thu Mar 3 18:02:11 CET 2011

If you're like me, you may recall Trumpet Winsock, that nifty little bit of
software that provided an interface from windows to the TCP/IP protocol
stack that people all over the world used to connect to the internet for the
first time.

So, it turns out, the guy who made this didn't make crap off his work.
Trumpet Winsock was stolen and actively given away on install disks from all
the major tech magazines and in corporate installs. He was just a small time
guy and his company had no way to fight the rampant theft.

His name was Peter Tattam. Someone on reddit thought it'd be a good idea to
start a donation pot to see if folks would pony up for the software that
made it possible for them to get to the big wide web. I did. :)

So, go on by if you used it, toss a chip or two in. It's a nice thing to do.


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