[hackerspaces] hackerspaces overengineering.

Elmar mc.fly Lecher mc.fly at ramdrive.org
Wed Jun 22 17:57:55 CEST 2011

Heyho guys....

This is not related to any specific mail here but to my overall impression.

I read the hackerspaces mailinglist basically since it exists.

Personally i like it because it tends to overengineer everything. Which
is very hackerish.

Like: a hackerspace is 10-25 ppl. If more than 25 ppl are around its a
party and noone uses a computer.
Still a lot of hackerspaces of that size have a network being 4 vlans,
transport networks, routers, access control lists, maybe some mac based
access control and 802.1x, multiview DNS, 2 different VPN solutions and
so on....

Also i see that on this list. Rating of hackerspaces, federal
hackerspace organisation, hacker passports (surely digital)
international memberships, surveys, Thinktanks, digital payment systems
in hackerspaces (and i dont mean bitcoin) etc etc etc.

I would like to point you all back to the KISS principle. Being a german
i know what it means to be overengineered.

It eats up your energy to get things done.

just some cents...

mc.fly ....

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