[hackerspaces] Removing non-hackerspaces from the hackerspaces.org list?

Koen Martens gmc at sonologic.nl
Tue Jun 21 14:35:03 CEST 2011

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On Thu, May 05, 2011 at 09:16:32AM -0700, john arclight wrote:
> It seems like reviews work pretty well on sites like Yelp that list
> restaurants. Give people the info and decide for youself.
> Example:
> "Butch's Coffee Shop - 3 reviews: While they do serve coffee, it's mostly a
> leather bar where BDSM enthusiasts meet. Lattes half off on Mondays. 3/5
> stars"
> Etc.

Well, since i'm on a hackerspace tour currently, I was thinking about this
again. Yelp basically has two fields for a review: the review prosa itself
and a quantitized rating. Also, you can rate the reviews themselves.

It seems most of the review sites have this quantitized rating (4 out of 5,
3 stars out of 10, whatever). I don't think that is really useful though
for hackerspace reviews. The meta-review (rating the reviews) might..

Anyway, as a first stab at getting this started, i'm thinking of a template
to store reviews, with fields 'author', 'review' and 'hackerspace'. Add in
some mediawiki magic to make a form appear on each hackerspace page (or a
page with the same name in the Review namespace) that allows inputting
the review text. And some more magic to aggregate the reviews on the

Now I'm resisting the temptation to porpose a rating, such as with 
couchsurfing wher eyou can say 'positive/neutral/negative'. I can
see uses for it, but I hate being negative and think that if you are
being negative you should just shut up :)

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