[hackerspaces] Collaboration Software

Rhys Rhaven rhys at rhavenindustrys.com
Mon Jun 20 08:24:24 CEST 2011

Currently all discussion for us is done mailing lists (google groups)
which is a rather poor way to do things. We have a public, members and
directors lists. Public is for most things, members is only members to
keep internal things like rent pricing and such and space related
things, and directors is for business nobody else cares about. We also
have a wordpress blog for the front page, and a mediawiki install for
all the general documentation of the space (and pseudo-inventory system.)

That said, everyone view things a different way. Google groups doesn't
show any attachments/inlines to emails, and 90% of people don't know how
to manage an email list via rules. Also, setting up rules is kinda a
pain. Then each project group will often spin off their own copies of
these things.

I've looked at OpenAtrium, have setup 2 test installs at this point. It
seems like a massive amount of PHP thrown at a problem. It does seem to
do communication/wiki/blog, but all poorly, and is not setup to be run
on the main site.

I'm thinking of replacing replacing the mailing lists with forums that
have mailing list capability, and just spend time on integrating them
all. I was curious if anyone here not only has a "different" way to do
this, but clear better one that I'm not seeing?


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